This book is a Harlequin Desire. I found it when I was looking for examples of covers to send in with my Cover Sheets. (For a post about my final cover, see The cover is here!) I liked the cover (can we just pull the tongue back into the mouth, Nia?) and the blurb intrigued me. See? Covers and blurbs do help sell books in this crazy, wonderful market, with so many fabulous books to choose from. (From which to choose, I know, I know, but who really talks that way?)

In A Real Cowboy, the hero is wonderful and so is the heroine. The writing is superb. The book pulls the heart strings. The most difficult part for me was knowing the Big Black Moment, as we call it in romance writing, was going to come. It always does. And when it did, Ms. Anderson handled it brilliantly. Every step of the story is well motivated. When the characters make mistakes, I understand why.

The setting is fabulous. The blizzard is so realistic and interesting. Quite different from the blizzards we get at Lake Tahoe, which is where I’m from.  (From where I come? Yeah, right. Please forgive me, I do know grammar and choose to ignore it sometimes.)

You can get it here:


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