In trying to find the info that went with this room, I discovered that I put the wrong info on the room about Darius. The Assyrians were this room, not the Darius room. I fixed that post (The Louvre, everywhere you look there’s something amazing, 1); sorry for the confusion. Time stamps are really helpful for museum photo forensics.

Here is the info again, this time associated with the correct room, one that we found while trying to find our way back from the long excursion to The Code of Hammurabi.


P1030604 P1030605 P1030606 P1030607


The next one looks a little odd with the corners because I tried to rotate it and then ended up with with empty corners. Picasa has a great horizon leveling tool, but it was doing other things on my computer that I didn’t like, so I removed it. Haven’t quite figured out how to do the same thing in GIMP. But take a look at the shape of the doorway in the background. It’s shaped like an urn. I didn’t notice it when we walked through this room, only just noticed it now in processing the photos.



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