I learned how to turn on macro on my mini camera and it worked! It wasn’t difficult, but for some reason the option to turn it on wasn’t showing as available for a while. Yesterday it was working so I took some shots. But I have a question for you. I usually enhance all my photos because I feel that the camera washes things out. But in the case of flower macros, the photo looks good without enhancement and is pretty true-to-life. So do you think I should enhance them?

Orange flower unenhanced
Orange flower unenhanced
Orange flower enhanced
Orange flower enhanced

I am participating in a promo opportunity over at Long and Short Reviews. Over the next 5 days, I’ll tag this on at the end of my post. There is a big raffle with lots of giveaways and interesting answers from various authors. I answered one of the two questions posted today (Do you ever wish you were somebody else? Who? and Why?). I found the other authors’ answers really interesting, just seeing the spectrum of thoughts, some very creative ones and several who, like me, don’t want to be somebody else. I checked out a few authors who do have that wish and a few who don’t, thinking maybe the ones who are like me write contemporary like me and the ones who do imagine being someone else write speculative fiction. But there’s  no correlation. Anyway, interesting stuff. Check it out and maybe win something!

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5 thoughts on “A flower macro shot, give-away, and 20 questions

  1. Thank you so much for the feedback. I agree… the soil is funky in the enhanced one and the natural look of the flower is pretty enough on its own. I am hoping to ease away from all the enhancements and get better at the actual photo-taking.


  2. Nia, I do both and if you look at your photos as art then it doesn’t hurt to create something more with them. I usually mention if I have enhanced a pic. Congrats on finding macro. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Laurie!!!

      Nia Simone

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      He’s good at playing a part. She’s good at catching a fake. Can they trust enough to give love another chance?

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  3. Well I have missed the other thing, but I like the macro shots. I don’t know if you should play with me, my advice would to play with them, see what they look like and then decide if they are better untouched or manipulated. Your Call.


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