Not much different here in terms of technique yet. But the mix of sun and cloud created such beautiful effects out my window that they actually moved me out of my writer’s chair, a hard thing to do these days! This is my fave despite the power cable.

SONY DSCThe sunlight on the rain-washed oranges was lovely.



Lest you think I can grow roses, these are the neighbor’s trailing roses.



I don’t know how to get the leaves in the background to blur so I just cropped the photo! When I had a regular SLR camera in high school, we had these tubes you could attach to the lens and they really made the macros work. I wish I had that now. They were just plastic tubes, low tech.



9 thoughts on “Landscapes and macros

  1. Hi Nia, You grow more than roses for sure! Love the way you introduce these photos! We savor
    the pictures and your writing! Thanks much! 🙂


  2. It’s always good to have neighbours who grow stuff. You can still use the tubes on dslr’s, there are many you tube vids about how to make them.


    1. Really?! Awesome!! You know I was thinking about you today because I decided to sit down and read my manual and then found that I forgot it. But I have a PDF of a class by Leanne Cole, real basic, where she describes the exposure triangle… aperture, ISO and shutter speed. I do know about these things from that high school class. What I want to learn how to do is take a macro that has the subject in focus and everything else blurry. And how to capture light and mood in landscapes. So I’m going to drill down on those two topics and try to learn just those two things.


      1. So that’s why my ears were burning is it? 🙂 For background blur put your camera in aperture priority mode and use the smallest f number on your lens. Or in one of the auto modes you can dial in your background blur. I find photography very interesting, there’s sooo much to learn.


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