We had a lovely time in Saint Petersburg. I was nervous about it before coming here, wondering if it was safe to just walk around, but it is. We walked all the way around the main sights in a big circle. Here are my impressions from the day.

Winter Palace

Funny story about the Winter Palace. I said, I don’t care where we go but I want to see that green building we saw from the taxi. Then we stopped on a park bench and plotted our self-guided walking tour on the map. First stop was the Winter Palace. I said, “Okay, that works, because we’ll pass that really beautiful green building on the way there.”

Yes, you guessed it. The green building is the Winter Palace.


We saw about a dozen brides today.
We saw about a dozen brides today.
It is a Russian custom for women to walk arm in arm or holding hands.
Former stock exchange
Rostral Columns

St-Petersburg-Russia-7 St-Petersburg-Russia-5 St-Petersburg-Russia-4 St-Petersburg-Russia-3 St-Petersburg-Russia-2 St-Petersburg-Russia-1

Great place for lunch, just past the Winter Palace/Hermitage, on the side by the little canal. Try the herring with beets. It will blow your mind.
Winter Palace on the left, Hermitage on the right. But the palace is really part of the Hermitage museum.

St-Petersburg-Russia-15 St-Petersburg-Russia-14 St-Petersburg-Russia-13 St-Petersburg-Russia-11 St-Petersburg-Russia-10 St-Petersburg-Russia-8 St-Petersburg-Russia-9 St-Petersburg-Russia-6 St-Petersburg-Russia-5 St-Petersburg-Russia-4 St-Petersburg-Russia-3 St-Petersburg-Russia-2

2 thoughts on “Impressions of Saint Petersburg, Russia

  1. Spectacular shots of a majestic place! So much art; so much culture! The Russian people are very friendly and they are not as their current government. Thanks so much for posting such jewels! Take care and have safe trips! 🙂 Fabio

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