2015 is the year of abundance! To set the tone for the year, and because appreciating abundance already in my life will attract more abundance to me, and hopefully to you, I’m going to post a “Signs of Abundance Thursday” series for six weeks.

1. This car was parked in front of me at the stop light.Abundance-2

I don’t think I need to say anything about why this is abundant, but I do happen to know to which house this car belongs. There aren’t a lot of them, in fact, I’ve never seen a Maserati before that I know of, at least not in person. At this house, there are two new ones, a white one and a black one. I think it’s great that these people bought his and her Maseratis! Or maybe his and his, or hers and hers, who knows? I don’t want a Maserati, but it’s quite fun to imagine, and it is a sign of abundance that may mean my own kind of abundance might be coming my way soon.

2. This car was parked on a street I was walking along…another kind of abundance. I love the Zero emissions temporary plate that Tesla put on the new car. To me it is abundant that a car can be a beautiful machine and also not produce any emissions.


3. An old family friend in Facebook bought my book and told me she was proud of me.

Your turn. What signs of abundance have shown up in your world?

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