Good morning, and happy Monday! I have some free things for you. First off, a copy of my book or one of John Holland’s if you sign up for my newsletter. (Just leave a comment today.) I’ll give away 5 e-books today!  My newsletter will be once a month and will give updates on my writing, an original recipe, and announcements of appearances. There will also be giveaways in the newsletter. If you don’t like romance, no worries, I always offer a copy of one of the books I edited for John Holland as an alternative.

Here is some more stuff that came across my screen last week:

1. A great article on how to use Twitter well: How to be a peep not a pain on Twitter by the brilliant marketing expert Kristen Lamb

2. Leanne Cole shared how to replace a sky in a photograph. Here is a link to her video:

And here is a sky of mine that you can use, if you want to try out the technique. (Yes, I’m using it as a background on my blog now.)

Sunset lit clouds
Sunset lit clouds

Happy Giveaway Monday!

11 thoughts on “#Giveaway Monday

    1. You just did. 😉 (I don’t know how to do a form here, so I think I’m going to put the sign up form on my website. I’m muddling through this on my own, determined to get a newsletter started, even though I don’t know how to do a form yet. Thanks so much, Susie. I really appreciate your interest and support. I’ll shoot you an email to get your preferred e-book format.


      1. Thanks! I Googled but got article that implied I needed .org. Looked like you had to drop in an external plug in. There’s no widget. Also seemed like you had to use a particular newsletter service. But I will continue researching. I want it on my website and my blog, and want to choose my own service provider. Rocket science?

        What format would you like your book in, Susie?

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