My favorite word today is banana.

Did you know that Americans eat 27 pounds of bananas per person every year? And you can see why. The banana comes in its own bio-degradable package.

It’s one of the fruits they say is safe to eat when traveling because you can peel it.

Banana tops

Here’s my favorite new fact I learned when I was looking up information about bananas:

Thanks to its oil, rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a mosquito bite (or other bug bite) or on poison ivy will help keep it from itching and getting inflamed.

from Fun Banana Facts

A banana can be sliced into cereal.

It tastes awesome.

It is just a fun word to say. Banana.


10 thoughts on “Bananas

      1. The reason is that the fruit they sell and give in the hotels has ripened on the tree, what they sent to Europe is still unripe as it takes 3 weeks for the boats to go to Europe. We went to a banana farm and they explained it to us, there is also a lot of chemicals used, chemicals to kill the insects on the banana’s, chemicals to stop the fruit from ripening untill it arrives in Europe and then again other chemicals to let the fruit ripen again !!!! And the coconuts were heaven too !!! and the pinapple !!! all the same story !

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  1. Did you know that here in Oz we don’t import bananas? So they’re virtually disease free. Cavendish bananas can’t be grown in home gardens, only on farms for the same reason. Although Lady Finger bananas can be.

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    1. You know, I did know that, but I forgot. In fact you don’t import any produce, do you? I didn’t know that about Cavendish only being able to be grown on farms. It’s interesting about home gardens. There was a bug in Silicon Valley a couple summers ago and home gardeners couldn’t give their produce to friends or the food bank.


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