I completed the book that I wanted to submit in time for The Wild Rose Press Lobster Cove series. The ball, as they say, is in the other court.

I’m so glad I finished the book, and that I like it. That’s a good first step. I’m also glad that I made it outside last week to enjoy the Tahoe National Forest. Hopefully you will enjoy this collection of images from our hikes.

Wildflower meadow, Tahoe National Forest
Wildflower meadow, Tahoe National Forest

I would love to know if you had a goal over the summer, or any time, that challenged your ability to balance other things you like to do.

Log in water
Log in water

Did you reach your goal?

Trees with moss
Trees with moss

What did it cost you and was it worth it? Why or why not?

Dry creek
Dry creek

What motivated you to pursue that goal?

To be fair, I will answer for myself:

  • Did I have a goal over the summer that challenged my ability to balance other things I like to do.
    Yes, writing the sequel to Love Caters All in time for it to be included in the Lobster Cove setting, where it takes place.
  • Did I reach my goal?
  • What did it cost me and was it worth it? Why or why not?
    It cost me being able to relax more this summer, and it cost me anxiety, or I should say, it gave me anxiety! Yes, it was worth it because the book pushed me through to a new way of writing, one that I have dreamed of, but that I didn’t think I had in me. I feel that I became a more natural writer. It was also worth it because the book is meaningful to me, and it is amazing to create meaning. In addition to being about a romance, this book is about loving and caring for someone who is disabled. When my characters took up this meaning and told me their story, rather than letting me impose the story upon them, I was amazed and fulfilled. I was also, I think, changed as a writer. I hope it sticks! LOL
  • What motivated me to pursue that goal?
    This changed over time. First it was simply the next thing I planned to do. I set up a series with three sisters, not realizing how difficult series can be! Ah, the blind ambition of the ignorant. Then several readers wanted to know what is going to happen with the other two sisters, so the readers motivated me. I didn’t want to let down the people who took a risk and read my debut novel! Then my critique partners helped me so much that I didn’t want to let them down. I mean, they worked hard to help me pan the bits of gold out of the first draft. Finally what motivated me to push myself very hard, to push through moments of hopelessness when I was throwing out more words than I was writing with the deadline looming nearer and nearer, was my husband. He often is a bit of a writing widower. He also helped me a lot with the book as he always does. I simply couldn’t let him down. After I finished, I confessed this to him, and he said I wouldn’t have. Nice to know! One thing I learned about myself with writing this book is I care the most about my relationships with people. Oddly enough, that’s sort of what the book turned out to be about.

So now I am in waiting mode. This book might be rejected. Or it might not be loved by readers. This is what happens when we undertake to write stories for an audience. But you know what? Those things don’t matter as much as I thought. At least I hope I have the courage to remember this no matter what happens with the book. We have to look inward for our rewards. Yes, we create for others, but if we are satisfied with what we have created, then we must feel fulfilled and whole. And if we are not satisfied, then I think we need to be kind to ourselves, maybe set this aside, and try again. It is very often the case that later in our careers we will know what we need to know to bring that creation into being in a way that fulfills the vision we have, the feeling we have for it.

I’d love to hear from you if you would like to answer any of the questions or just describe a bit about an experience you’ve had of pursuing a goal.

7 thoughts on “Forests of light, the trials of writing, and an interview of you (and me)

  1. Nicci, may I use this opportunity and congratulate you with your new book! You’ve accomplished your goal, well-done! I cannot tell you too much about my experience with pursing my goal because I did not accomplish it yet and honestly do not know whether it will be ever possible, goal is too impressive…but I do know from experience that almost every goal takes a lot of efforts and life energy as well, so we have to be really strong! Sometimes I am lack of positive and always not enough patient in pursuing my goals. However, deep inside there is always a hope that one day I CAN DO it. It can take too much time! I like reading the author’s thoughts because for me authors of the books are the most interesting people on the planet. I was not lucky to read your book yet, but something tells me you write such books which can help me to transform into other’s life and completely forgot about reality, usually book do such tricks with me. So, I envy that you are able to write and people can read your stories, you are lucky one! Sincere congratulations!

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    1. Wow, Anroworld, thank you. For many years I was where you are, hoping I CAN DO it. I think what moved me over the line to starting to get published was my husband’s support. He’s good at helping me with the plot and provides unwavering encouragement. I started writing the first novel I would finish one year after my father died, because grief isn’t an emotion one can control. I had to let go of some of that control to write. It took 12 years before my first short story was published. The book I just finished is the first one that made me cry a little. So I feel that I am getting better at writing. Thank you again, and stay in touch on your journey. I understand and applaud you.

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      1. Dear Nicci, thank you so much for sharing your story! I am happy to know you really DID it and you deserved for it, I felt that you are a very nice person! Wish you good luck and many happy readers! Let this world smile at you! Thank you! Ann

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  2. Wonderful, Nicci. I’m so happy to hear there is a sequel. With all the travelling you and the hubs do I wondered when a second book might come out. 🙂

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