A friend of mine did something awesome for me yesterday. Thursday is a regular get-together for some of us who retired from or just left our former company. One of the folks, in celebration of the International Digital Awards fourth place in Contemporary Novels category earned by Love Caters All.

Celebration cake
Celebration cake for Love Caters All’s final in the International Digital Awards

The cake is so funny, and so sweet, I am really blown away by his thoughtfulness.

Another funny thing that happened is that he sent me a photo of the cake and I thought it was a quote/image…you know how people put words on images and post them in Facebook and Twitter? That’s what I thought it was! I thought, how clever! But it was a REAL cake! It is odd how welded to the Internet I’ve become that the idea of getting together in person and having a real cake to celebrate has become foreign whereas doctoring photos and interacting online is now the norm.

Have you ever had a friend do something totally thoughtful for you, or have you done something really nice for a friend that brought them a big smile?

Speaking of doctoring images, I did, with these. I’ve been going through photos on my desktop, deleting unwanted ones, and moving the others off to an external hard drive. In the process, I’ve found some old favorites to play with. Here are your Brides of Europe photos.

Bride in Paris France
Bride in Paris France
Bride in Saint Petersburg Russia
Bride in Saint Petersburg Russia

I really thank my lucky stars for my friends and family who support me and love me even if I don’t do anything, but I really want to make everyone happy by writing a super entertaining book. My new work in progress has the potential to be that, I think, so I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month, which is one giant permission slip to write a book in a month. (First draft.) On Saturday I’m going to a “write-in,” a gathering of writers in a friend’s home where we will do sprints, report our word count, and cheer each other on.

What are your plans this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Fun Friday

  1. This is great to get such a pleasant surprise from friends! I cannot boast about making anything such great for my friends, but sometimes I surprise them with some cheerful call or sms when they do not expect. I actually like more making surprise other than getting them! Enjoy weekend and cake!

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  2. So exciting, and congrats! What a fun surprise too. I’ve been to a write-in every day so far…I’m co-ML for our region. How’s the NaNo novel coming along? Mine’s been moving along fairly well and I’ve made it through the blocks that have come up without too much delay. So far so good…

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    1. That’s great news, Sheri. It’s great to see you with such a good community of writers. My writing is going well. Was blocked yesterday but broke through today, writing with friends. Woo hoo! So much fun!

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