Happy Monday. Nine shopping days remain before Christmas. I have a long way to go. I haven’t even done our cards yet. Fortunately, I did get on top of things in time to mail gifts to my Australian family, and the presents arrived there today.

As for the holiday cards, I’ve pulled together some photos, but there is a tiny problem. I was so into photography this year but I didn’t take pictures of my husband and I on our travels, and that’s what we always put on our cards. This is going to take some work to find some selfies or else I’ll have to use Photoshop.

Speaking of photos, my mother-in-law just gave me a good hint. She wants photos of her grandson’s wedding. I’m going to create a photo book for her from Snapfish. I love those, and I think she will, too.

Oh wow, I just signed into Snapfish and books are on sale for 67% off! Today is the last day. So I have to hurry and do this post so you have time to snag the deal. The coupon code is 999BOOK.

There is a lot of snow in the Sierras. I skied yesterday and today, and let me tell you, it felt really good to get out of my writing chair and move! I didn’t take any photos, but I will tomorrow. It is supposed to be sunny, which will make for pretty photos.

I wanted to share these two images with you. One is a view of the Sierras from Nevada, and the other is from a butterfly collection on permanent display in the Truckee Recreation Center. It’s an awesome collection, although it is sad to me that the butterflies have to die to be collected. It’s not something I would choose to do, yet I admired the tenacity of the collector. She worked on it for about 30 years starting in the late 1800s. I should have written down her name. I’ll get it on the next visit.

For Mondays post (2 of 1)For Mondays post (1 of 1)

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