Today I did something I found I really like to do and that is to go shooting with a friend. Anne from Slow Shutter Speed was in town and we scheduled to go out together. It was raining, something about which we Californians do not complain. I figured it would be best to shoot indoors! We could have done a museum, but it’s Christmas. What better time to take photos in a hotel lobby? So we headed to the San Jose Fairmont hotel. We were not disappointed. They did a wonderful job for their guests.

Christmas in downtown San Jose-4

Christmas in downtown San Jose-2

The Fairmont-2The Fairmont-1

Christmas in downtown San Jose-3

I was quite enthralled with the ice skaters. Here are two shots.

The Fairmont -3The Fairmont -2

And a video showing the skaters in action.

Anne taught me how to do an abstract photo.

Christmas in downtown San Jose-6

That’s the Christmas tree with an abstract effect.

Another mission was to get something for the final holiday themed Monochrome Madness on Leanne Cole’s blog. Here is what I’ll be sending in.

The Fairmont monochrome-1

I’d forgotten about Christmas in the Park, a massive display put on in San Jose. Local businesses donate and decorate all the trees, and some make elaborate settings. Here are some of those.

There are two or three days of shopping left for Christmas. I used the whole weekend, and I’ll need to do a bit more after Christmas for a late celebration with some family, but it’s done. I think. Tomorrow I’ll wrap and see if I need to buy more. It’s crazy, but I enjoyed it. I had fun with other shoppers and chatted with them a bit. The best part about today was seeing parents with children showing them the wonders of Christmas, especially the very young ones at the Fairmont. I took a picture for one couple with their two little ones, in front of one of the trees. Yes, it’s a commercial effort, but people are behind it too, and I know there is a lot of pride behind the work as well as joy in knowing the delight that children will have.

Have a good week. I hope you get some time off!


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