The fires burning down around Big Sur made our skies smoky, and this made the light near sunset soft and kind of pinkish orange. I had to dash outside and try to capture that light.

smoky sunset-1

I had to stand at an angle to capture this because I was casting a huge shadow.smoky sunset-2

The bricks were really pretty just on their own.


The Big Sur fire is not under control yet, but today’s cooler temperatures helped the massive effort a little bit.

I wanted to share what I thought was an excellent article in the New York Times. The authors did a lot of research, interviewing survivors of the people recently lost to terrorism, and I appreciated getting to know a little bit about the victims. Though this is tragic, I found it uplifting to have a tiny window into these lives, to have their faces in my mind, to think a bit about their beautiful normal lives as I go about my own.

For some reason I think the most about “[a] farmer, Bunu Modu, [who] managed to escape after militants in his village tied him up with plans to kill him — he had been running a little Islamic school with 10 pupils under a tree.” I find that Mr. Modu was running a school under a tree quite beautiful. There are many little slices of life in the article and helpful graphics.

Have a good and safe week.

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