I cropped these various ways. Which is your favorite?

Tahoe sunset-4
1 Land Meets Lake, Tahoe Sunset
Tahoe sunset-3
2 Tahoe Sunset with Boat House
Tahoe sunset-1
3 Rocks and Mirrors


Tahoe sunset-2
4 Bowing to Nightfall
Tahoe sunset-1
5 Tahoe Sunset (featured image)

12 thoughts on “Tahoe sunset

  1. Looks like you are going to receive the second best option, not enough people actually understood what Bernie was offering, for “people.” Not corporations, no doubt will do an adequate job, sadly with the “people” running a distant second place as they do in Australia. While the governments in both countries number 1 priority shoveling tax payers dollars into multinational corporations.

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    1. LOL, thanks, Anne! You don’t really have to choose, but I learn something from these exercises plus more people comment because it’s kind of fun!


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