Such an awesome day! And I have to share about a friend of a friend who saw a kitten on the side of the road just a couple nights ago. She sped by but then slowed, then she turned around and went back. She picked up the little creature and took her to the vet. The kitten had a broken leg and the vet said if they didn’t fix it now, she wouldn’t learn to walk and would always drag that leg. So this woman said, “Do the surgery.”


It was more than four-thousand dollars, but word went out, friends adopted the cat, my friend kicked off a fund-raiser with her own contribution, and when she told me the story we chipped in too, because the story brought a tear to my eye.

Was this is a random act of kindness? It was an act of courage to opt for that surgery, for sure, and a chance for kind-hearted folks, of whom there are so many, to chip in. Last I checked they had almost the whole bill covered.

Here is Midnight, saved by a kind human and her network of caring people.


Wishing you a day of inspiration,

Nicci Carrera