It’s heart health day! I am taking heart health seriously as it has struck close to home a couple times, including this week! And cardio disease is in my family. So I’m making a pledge to exercise, include the good stuff in my diet, and exclude the bad stuff.

I’m taking a look at how to include 30 grams of fiber per day because that’s what the doc recommends for me. Handfuls of beans added to salads, lentil salad, a cup of raspberries, walnuts and almonds; I can do this and so can you. It’s worth it.

I hope you will make a pledge to be heart healthy too.

Here’s a great link for International Heart Day.

World Heart Day

And my poster…


You can make a poster too:

Here are the results of some research I did yesterday, net means you subtract the fiber from the carbs for the net carbs. I don’t do low carb, but I do reduced carbs because too many carbs and white carbs also are bad for your ❤️ and other things like blood sugar. My doc said that too. This is a bit haphazard, I didn’t nail down every nutrient on each one, but this is my starting list. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

.5 cup oats: 4, carbs 29, net 25, calories 160
.5 cup Lentils: 8, carbs 20, net 12
1 oz Walnuts: 2
1 oz pecans: 2
1cup kale: 2
1 artichoke: 10
1 cup raspberries: 8, 15 carbs, net 7, cals 64
.5 avocado: 7
1 pear: 6
1.5 oz. Keto granola*: 3, carbs 5, net 2, calories 200
1 cup Blueberries: 3.6
.5 cup Pinto beans: 8, carbs 20, net 12

Look at avocado and artichokes, wow!

For exercise, my doc said to do 30 minutes a day of cardio, defined as working up a sweat. I do more at a low intensity. I’m not sure that’s as good but I’ve read elsewhere it is good, and the thing for me and my husband, if we love doing something, we do it every day. If not, we fizzle and stop. We love long walks on the beach and kayaking and have rearranged our lives so we can do those things every day, easily. I believe that will also be good, and actually, my doctor was very happy when she heard about our new lifestyle.

There are about fifty tasty looking lentil salad recipes in the New York Times Cooking archive, and cookbooks usually have one in them as well.

Good luck and be heart smart.

* From the Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners by Amy Ramos, a serving is 3 ounces, I do a half serving. I use grass-fed butter instead of coconut oil as I avoid coconut fat. This is all nuts and seeds. Oh, another modification, I use two tablespoons of agave which I mix with the melted butter and spices, and I double the spices, which are cinnamon and nutmeg. The recipe calls for stevia, but we don’t like it, and the amount of agave per serving is very small.