Spring skiing and a dog

I would love to have one of these dogs, the Great Dane. The man let me take a picture.


The Alpine Meadows Adaptive Skiing Center makes me so happy.


There were two people helping this little skier. The next day I saw two people helping a blind skier. Skiing feels really good, the fresh pine-scented air blowing on your face and the feeling of gliding. The center makes all kinds of innovative equipment to help people with different disabilities.

Here is the last photo of this vacation.


I do have a few more to show you, which I will do when I get home.

Happy Tuesday, or Wednesday, as the case may be.


Skiing at Alpine Meadows March 6th

We have just enough snow and lovely warm weather to make for a lot of fun.

I saved most of the photography for the end of the day.




But I did get my husband to take this of me so I wouldn’t have to do a selfie.


I plan to go out and photograph the Truckee River today. What do you plan to do with your Saturday (or Sunday)?


Moonlight in the mountains

I had a lot of technical difficulties but did manage to catch the reflection of the moon on the snow here.


Here you see Alpine Meadows lit up by the full moon. There are a couple planets up there in the sky, or perhaps they are stars, but awfully big ones! The lights on the mountain are people working. They are grooming the slopes. Interesting job, eh?


Earlier in the evening, while I was still in Nevada, I was able to capture one shot of the moon rise that wasn’t too blurred.

Moonrise in March

The DSLR was not cooperating tonight, but fortunately the little Panasonic could handle the job. I just didn’t have a tripod for it, nor a remote shutter control. But the sensor and intelligence in the camera are remarkable. The Panasonic saved the day…or in this case, the night!


Today is cloudy! So even though yesterday’s sunrise was just a repeat of the day before, the image no longer feels ho-hum to me. Here’s yesterday’s mountain sunrise (slightly enhanced):

Sunrise Monday

I forgot to post this photo, sunrise at the Austin, Texas airport, shot through the window:

Texas sunrise

But you REALLY have to see this incredible sunrise photo (don’t miss the bird in the sky) and gorgeous poem that was just posted by The Hour of Soft Light: