Squash flower and zucchini pizza

Tonight we made two pizzas from the garden. They were amazing, and pretty.

Here is the squash flower pizza before and after baking.

Squash Flower Pizza 1

Squash Flower Pizza 2

Here’s a close up of those zucchini flowers.


It is an incredible joy to make something so delicious from the garden. We are using most of our water ration on the veggies and fruit trees, which makes indoor water use very challenging. Meals like this make all the water pinching worth it.

Here is the zucchini pizza, unfortunately after eating some! The photographer needed sustenance.


The zucchini pizza has olive oil brushed on it, then a layer of shaved Parmesan cheese, the thinly sliced zucchini, and sauteed onions. The crust is homemade using special pizza flower and adding Italian herbs and garlic powder.

Both pizzas were equally awesome.

Good night, and happy weekend!