An ancient oak and a note about writing

Today I have been reading a new book about writing called Write Your Novel From The Middle: A New Approach for Plotters, Pantsers and Everyone in Between, by James Scott Bell. I gobbled it up during my writing session and the book is helping me with the sequel to Love Caters All. Write Your Novel From the Middle forced me to answer some questions about the characters that really helped. The book includes a slightly different take on the three-part story structure. I really love it so far!

I didn’t get out for a walk today because I hurt my back again yesterday working in the yard. It was feeling better, and I was overly ambitious, trying to pull a four-foot tall palm tree out by the fronds while my husband was crow-barring the roots. Well, tugging on an immovable object with all your strength is not a good idea when you are getting over a strained muscle in your back. I’m a slow learner, but I think I now understand that yard work is hard on the body, and I have to be careful! No worries, though, it’s getting better fast and I’ve learned my lesson.

Yesterday, before my ill-advised yard work, we took a walk at a beautiful park called Rancho San Antonio. I was an annoying walking companion because I kept stopping to take pictures, but at least I told the other two to continue without me, and I would catch up.

This oak tree is one of my favorites.