Overcoming career limiting behavior, #amwriting

It’s Wednesday. That means I owe you a blog post! Well I am hot on the heels of a new story idea and it’s big, really big. I’m so excited. So I’m going to repost a blog post where I was featured. The series is Authors Bare All on Casi McLean’s website, and I reveal more behind-the-scenes stuff about the writer’s life, but what I found really interesting were the responses of other authors.


Along the same lines, in terms of tips, my new metrics tool has been helping me learn what the majority of you like, so I plan to do more tips from the project management treasure trove. I’ll cover metrics for writers in my next PM post.

Speaking of which, I received a recruitment email for a consulting job in my former field, the first offer since early retirement that has interested me, so I stated outrageous requirements. If they want to meet my demands, I might do a short-term project to make some money to support this writing habit. But it is unlikely, unless they are really desperate. If it happens I’ll just work a little. Don’t worry, I’ll still blog, take photos, write, and, most importantly of all, talk to you.

Here are some of my favorite recent photos for your enjoyment. Saratoga public library

Redwood growth

Redwood at first light
Redwood at first light

Jelly fish Jelly fish DSC05290 DSC05050 DSC05009 DSC04995 DSC04983 DSC05094 DSC04637 Wolf 3

Happy Hump Day.