7 things about me… Blogger award received!

Today, fellow blogger http://ourcloudlounge.com/ nominated niasimoneauthor.com with this award:

blogger award

I am very honored. Thank you!


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7 Things About Me

  1. My real name is Ántonia, from the Willa Cather novel, My Ántonia.
  2. My mother gave me the nickname Nia.
  3. But she expected me to use Ántonia when I became an author, partly because she thought it would look good on the spine of a book.
  4. I was born before electronic books (no spine).
  5. An African American woman once told me Nia means purpose in Swahili.
  6. I recently discovered I love blogging, the visual plus words aspect, meeting amazing people and learning.
  7. I was  stuck in the snow for an hour when I was 5 and didn’t mention it to a visiting family friend. He didn’t realize it until he came back outside and found me still there. He said, “Nia, why are you still there?” “I’m stuck,” I said. Of course, he rescued me. There’s a picture of him at the end of this post: http://niasimoneauthor.com/2013/01/09/can-skiing-with-family-fix-a-pain-in-the-butt/

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