A few phone shots from the mountains

Yesterday we drove to Reno to see Al Stewart in concert. There were a lot of baby boomers in the audience and one teenager. I exaggerate but not much. I still listen to his album Year of the Cat when I’m writing. I first heard it around the same time I was reading one of my favorite novels, and the story and imagery of that song are forever linked in my mind with that book. I wrote a novel based on the idea from that book and look forward to getting back to it. I needed to mature a lot more as a writer to pull it off. I hope I do someday because I think you’d like it.

The drive to Reno is pretty.  I wanted to share it with you even though the phone shots out the window of a speeding car are a bit chaotic. (Don’t worry, I was in the passenger seat.)


Interstate 80 follows the Truckee River gorge. The views open up so you can see the transition from the west to the east side of the Sierra Nevada. I’ve always found the drive exciting. The change is dramatic. Once you’re in Reno you can look up and see stunning long vistas of the mountains.


Farad is a very little town along the way, still in California.

Sunset was spectacular today. The storm was breaking up, leaving puffy cotton clouds painted glowing orange. I couldn’t take pictures of sunset because I was driving, but twilight was also pretty.


Snow, snow, beautiful snow!

A recent Scientific American explained how the melting of the polar ice caps has reduced the temperature difference between the north pole and the equator which has reshaped the jet stream, locking in warm dry weather in the west of the US and cold wet weather in the east. But we finally did get some nice cold snow from Alaska last night. Here it is:


Soon you will even be seeing skiing pictures from me. After all, this is partly a skiing blog but for the past two seasons, my skiing posts have been few and far between.

Happy last day of February!