Back in the saddle

Sorry for the long break in posting. I am starting again.

I’ve been taking photos, reading, and using our new home cardio machine. I try to do 90 minutes on it most days and then I’m tired! The days do seem to click by. I should say they fly by but that’s not really true because I slowed down a lot. I want to enjoy life, not to feel rushed. I took a big break, I relax more, and I would say that I get more out of each moment, but time does still fly.

Spring has sprung in parts of the world, including ours.

Moon over plum blossoms
Ants like the plum blossoms

Have a great rest of the week.


I was awed by the black and white photos on Leanne Cole’s and Laura Macky’s Monochromatic Madness series. So what did I do but go out and get drunk on color.


I was also talking to Leanne Cole today about preferences for the original photo versus a photo with actions applied.  You can take a look at her before-and-after images here.

Here is a straight photo followed by an oil painting rendition. Not the same as an “Action” but kind of the same idea. I’m trying to decide which I like more. Which do you like more?



Ghost moon and the start of Spring

This was the moon last Thursday night:


Flowers are starting to pop up around here in No. Cal. I took these with my Android phone while waiting for my friend to join me for lunch at Krung Thai. These are not up to iPhoneography snuff (what’s with the filmy effect?), but I wanted you to see early signs of Spring and had to use the tool I happened to have on hand.



Lunch was amazing. All I had was a vegetable saute, but the chef made that taste unbelievably good.