Out and about in Saratoga

This little fellow was making a lot of noise and doing a lot of damage at the Victorian Village in downtown Saratoga yesterday:


Here is the courtyard in the lovely Victorian Village mall in Saratoga:

P1050584 P1050583

Saratoga is known for its trees. (Sorry the horizon is tilted. Picasa has excellent horizon-adjustment software, but I didn’t like other things it was doing on my computer, so I uninstalled it. I don’t know how to easily straighten the horizon in GIMP. Speaking of which, by the way, all of today’s photos have GIMP’s color white balance and color enhance applied. The photos were pretty in their original state, but I thought the enhancements helped them “pop” for web display without changing the hues too much. (Although the second photo has more blue in the patio and railings than it should.)

P1050585 P1050586