They are clear cutting trees out of one of the ski runs at Squaw Valley. This helicopter picks the tree up from the mountain and deposits it in the parking lot at a rate of one every 5 minutes. I was awestruck. I’m told one name for this kind of helicopter is a sky crane.

Here it is after it has picked up the tree and is rising up over the ridge back into view.P1060280

P1060325 P1060316 P1060370



3 thoughts on “Sky crane at Squaw Valley

  1. Hello Nia, Great coverage from the Squaw Valley! Thanks so much! Hopefully, they will plant new trees to compensate the current cut.
    Enjoy our beautiful weather in California. Keep up your beautiful and creative writing, and your photography as well. You would be a wonderful reporter. But we are happy that you are a great writer. Take care! 🙂 Fabio

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