I hope you are having a good weekend. I really am. The light was so pretty this morning, I had a lot of fun taking pictures. Then I had some news from my editor, a bit nerve-wracking news. Details below. But first the fun stuff.

The garden is still going…as well as glowing.


These pigeons were dining on who knows what on our patio before I came out. They startled and flew away. What a nice thing to be able to do. Just fly away. They reassembled first on the power lines then over on the neighbor’s antenna.

New day-13

It is October 3, but we still have a squash flower.New day-12

This big guy was watching the world from his roost atop a tall oak tree.New day-11

This plant was enjoying the sunlight.


As was this redwood tree.


The persimmons are starting to ripen.


This was the first shot I took when I came outside.


I followed up with my editor, and turns out she was just on the phone with the senior (acquiring) editor, who had a problem with a plot element. A big plot element. She wanted to know if it was realistic and wanted to know if I’d done any research. I did research it, which I shared with them, and I said I could also add things to convince a reader who might have the same question. Donald Maass says to take the most unlikely thing in your book and prove it to the reader in as many ways as possible. He gives some ways to do that. I’ll be looking through his book and my notes from his workshops if the Wild Rose Press wants the book and wants me to do that.

So, the status on the book is a little gut wrenching. I will have to follow up with my editor to make sure she received my response because she didn’t reply. (I couldn’t figure out how to do the auto reply my friend Laurie told me. I have Yahoo mail, so it might not be a feature. I know Outlook does it.) I figured I’d do that this afternoon, soon then, just to make sure she received the email, per what we agreed to after the last email problem.

No wonder I spent the whole day playing with photos. I am a little worried. Photo processing is relaxing and fun.

Now I’m off to do some critique work for a friend and then listen to more of an audio book I’m really enjoying. One of life’s great pleasures is being read to. I love the advent of audio books.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Monday I will posting about The Great Pumpkin.

14 thoughts on “A new day, filled with light, and a little writing stress

      1. It is not a surprise for me, but I am super super glad with the news! Take care, my wonderful friend, and enjoy the beautiful Sunday that it is coming. πŸ™‚

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  1. Just love the redwoods Nicci, they’re fabulous, the others are great too. Forgot the directions eh? πŸ™‚ We love audio books, although I laughed that hard at one we were listening too while out driving one night I didn’t see a Roo on the road and hit it. 😦

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    1. Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate when listening to a book while driving. I’ve missed exits. I’m listening to this one in my home office. Safer. Glad you like the redwoods. I did think that was the best of the batch. Yes I am just following up with email the old fashioned way. Thanks, Laurie!

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  2. Wow! The light on the redwoods is gorgeous. Love all your photos. I’m sure your editor will go ahead with the story, especially now they know you can back up your material. I was on pins and needles with my last book, they wouldn’t accept until I completely changed the beginning, cut two chapters and wove a little of that material throughout the manuscript. I was worried the entire time, but she ended up loving it, and I know it’s now a stronger story, so all of that to say don’t worry. Ha ha.

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  3. Great therapy to take pictures — and what a glorious morning. An audio book fan. Me too. One of my dearest friends is up next month for an audiobook award for her reading of “The Egg and I” by Betty MacDonald, a 1940’s classic. Can’t wait to hear it myself. What are you listening to?

    Best wishes with your book. Cheers —

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    1. Hi J.B. I am in awe of the narrators of books. It is a somewhat personal experiences to listen to a book, I mean, the reader’s voice and innuendo impacts your experience as a listener. I just love it. That’s awesome you have a friend who is such an accomplished narrator. I am listening to Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr, narrated Therese Plummer. Thanks so much for your good wishes. I bought a bottle of champagne today so that I’ll be ready. πŸ˜‰

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