Decluttering without dumping

Hello from the trenches of our big move. It doesn’t need to be said that moving from a house where you’ve lived for 20+ years is a challenge, LOL! One challenge is to find homes for things you aren’t keeping or recycling them when that’s not possible. The process puts the mantra Reduce, Reuse, Recycle into big focus. I’ve learned even more about what our waste service can and cannot recycle.

I get excited when we successfully give something away let alone sell things. Selling is very nice like for our huge relatively new home fitness item. That hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully it will. And note to self, if I ever feel I need something like that again, get it used!

We did however find a home for a 70 year old piano I inherited. Yay! It won’t go to landfill. We’ve scoured the local area to find it a home. A piano is just too big a thing to take to the dump and it would be horrible, it still works!

The thing is I am bad at playing the piano and my husband has perfect pitch and timing so hearing me play is actually painful for him, LOL. If I want to do it in the future, I’ll get an electronic keyboard that has a headset (used).

We have not been exceeding our recycle and garbage allotment each week, so that’s good.

These days it’s all about reuse. I love giving away items at thrift stores and then getting “new” items there which I will keep for awhile then trade back in. It’s a new (used) way to live.

8 questions for reducing a book collection

I’m shocked that I’m suddenly willing to reduce my library. I had hundreds of books, many inherited. But I’m ready. We decided to keep two large and one small book case. Books are still important to us but we are only going to keep a third of them.

I asked these questions as I went through the collection and it helped me make choices that I think in the long run will help me enjoy my books more because I won’t have any I don’t love and/or need. Or maybe I did love it but I won’t reread it. My husband made his choices similarly but a little differently.

  1. Will I read it or re-read it this year?
  2. Will I refer to it within the next year?
  3. Can I borrow it from the library?
  4. Is it a seminal book in a field like psychology, anthropology, history or philosophy? (This was my husband’s choice to keep because for me these didn’t pass 1, 2, & 3.)
  5. Is it an important novel (that I also like)?
  6. Is it one of my favorite books?
  7. Is it a duplicate?
  8. If I could keep just one book by an author or about a topic, which would it be?
  9. Bonus: Did I write it?
The book diet

5 thoughts on downsizing & moving

I thought I’d never sell our house. We live in a great place and have put in a lot of sweat equity to make it the way we like it. But we are moving to San Diego so we can kayak every day. We stayed there for a month in April and loved it, even including living in tight quarters.img_20190411_215137_7171373860904659720119.jpg

I almost can’t believe I’m doing it, but it has been a process of exploring this idea. To my surprise I’ve come to the point that I’m not only willing but excited to move. Here are five reasons that weighed in favor of making this move.

  1. A house is a lot to take care of and that maintenance time instead could be going into fun activities we enjoy together.
  2. Less maintenance, more time writing.
  3. A community with a lot of retirees where it’s easy to make friends.
  4. We’ll be closer to our son and daughter-in-law.
  5. Lots of outdoor activity, better health and hopefully a longer life!

How about you? Have you moved after retirement or do you plan to? Know any friends who’ve  moved?