Travel theme: simplify

It has come to the point of my blogging career when I am now grateful for themes. Thanks to Ailsa of Where’s My Backpack for today’s theme. I highly recommend her post, and her blog.

I love to simplify! Here are my suggestions for simple travel:

  • Pack items that can do two things, like convertible pants, or black pants that can be dressed up or down.
  • Bring only pants so you don’t have to pack heels.
  • Minimize the pairs of shoes.
  • Take a camera that can do almost everything and is small.
  • Leave beauty products at home; wear a smile.
  • Collect all mementos in digital format on your camera.
  • Bring an ebook reader and get digital travel books.
  • Come home with memories and an expanded mind, not stuff.

These photos are a reminder of how much movement is involved in travel…so pack light!

Paris Near-the-champs-de-mars-Paris ferry-on-the-seine-Paris Forme- train-statio-now- Musee-D'Orsay-Paris ferry-in-Amsterdam

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