After the storm, Alpine Meadows

Several people ran outside yesterday to take pictures. The amazing lighting and sky lasted for hours. There was a blue cast to all the trees that have smooth bark and to the granite. These photos are not enhanced except where noted.

Trees and granite
Trees and granite, looking west
Trees and sky
Trees and sky, southwest
Blue trees enhanced
Blue trees enhanced, southeast
Blue trees 2
Blue trees, southeast
Blue tree 1
Blue tree, south
Sky and condos 2
Sky and condos, looking east

Looking NorthLooking north

Smoky sunset, Alpine Meadows


I’ve found it challenging to capture the colors in the sky with my little camera. They wash out. Usually I have to post process to get them back. Last night, I took several shots and for some reason this one turned out. I did not process it and this is what the sky looked like.Smoky sunset


I’m finally getting ready to graduate from my little point and click. I’m breaking out the DSLR and tripod and reading the manual soon. I guess I’ll get a backpack to tote it all around in. Not such a big deal, after all.

Freedom from work, a poem by Nia Simone

Freedom from Work

How nice not to have to get serious.
No need to schedule a meeting.
No wondering when,
of four hundred and sixty
To Dos
one will fall through a crack.
And show up on my review.

No more having to be reasonable
or confine my passions to the acceptable.

No getting narrowly defined.
Though you made it worthwhile
for you (all y’all) accepted my narrowly channeled passion
and let me experience
work with

Now I slipped through a crack
and I am free from work.

Copyright © 2013 Nia Simone. All rights reserved.

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